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Chris Hillman

"Sweetheart of the Rodeo" 50th Anniversary Tour Shirt

"Sweetheart of the Rodeo" 50th Anniversary Tour Shirt

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Sweetheart of the Rodeo 50th Anniversary Tour shirts are available, as long as they last! Important: The only sizes we have are: Small, Medium, and XXL. There will be no more produced, so this is it!

Please note: None of the shirts produced for the tour have all of the tour dates on them. There are two versions: one produced early in the tour, the other from later, with different tour stops listed on the back of each version. Here's the city listing on each version:

Version 1 (Available in Small)cities: Los Angeles CA, Saratoga CA, Kansas City MO, Albany NY, Hopewell VA, New York NY, Boston MA, Akron OH, Nashville TN, Roanoke VA & Durham NC.

Version 2 (Available in  Small, Medium, XXL)cities: Louisville KY, Akron OH, Nashville TN, Roanoke VA, Durham NC, Atlanta GA, New Brunswick NJ, Munhall PA, Dallas TX, Austin TX, Bristol TN, Bethesda MD, Clearwater FL, Ponte Vedra FL, Ft Lauderdale FL.

Note: if you don't have a preference between the two versions, please order Version 2, as we have more of those than Version 1
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